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Tsunami of People Data

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Manage, Navigate, Integrate, Obtain
Tsunami of People Data
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Illuminate Your People Data

Getting a full view of your workforce data is an empowering feeling. At Optis, we make your disparate people data easy to understand, control and see. Isn’t it time you managed absence, conquered compliance and brought all of your people data together? We think so.

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Optis Insights Make It All Visible

Optis takes all of your disparate workforce data, puts it in one place and makes it visible. That’s managing data.

Managing Leave in the Cloud Has Never Been Easier

Optis’ state-of-the-art cloud solution, LeaveXpert®, helps you see results with effective leave management.

Claim View gives employers a complete picture of their claims data and allows them to manage their return-to-work process in real time.
Your organization knows it needs to get a better grasp on its people...

Managing employee leaves of absence has become a top priority for...


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